All our products start with the purest water in the industry.  We have pure Kiowata available in 10oz, 16.9oz, 20oz, liter & gallon sizes. 

Our flavored water starts with our pure water and we add fruit flavors made with natural ingredients to make a refreshing beverage with 0 calories and 0 sugars. Flavors include Lemon, Lime, Mixed Berry, Pineapple & Black Tea (with a caffeine kick!) These flavors come in our attractive 20oz bullet bottle. 

We also offer a flavored kids water that comes in our popular 10oz size and is available mixed berry, strawberry or apple flavors.  The kids beverage contains 0 calories and 0 sugars.


  • Pure Kiowata
  • Fruit Infused Kiowata
    • Lemon Kiowata
    • Lime Kiowata
    • Mixed Berry Kiowata
    • Pineapple Kiowata
    • Strawberry Kiowata
    • Black Tea Kiowata
  • Kiowata For Kids
    • Mixed Berry Kiowata
    • Strawberry Kiowata
    • Apple Kiowata