We have been customers of Longford Water Company for several years.  We really like their product and service. They are super nice to work with and always attentive to our needs!

Tamarah S. Pruitt

My FBLA group has been purchasing bottled water from Longford Water Company for the past nine years to sell in our school’s concession stand. I highly recommend this company. They helped my FBLA students with the design labels and they make the ordering so simple and convenient. All I have to do is email Wava and tell her how many cases I need and when I need it by. They are the best!

Kathy Lindstrom

Longford Water Company has always provided prompt service and delivery with each of our orders. They are very easy to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone needing bottled water. We love having custom labels for our office!

Cara M. Fisher